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About Us


My-BioMed Biotechnology Co., Ltd (MBM) was founded in 2016 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China.

Today, MBM business covers precision medicine; AI & digital pathology, cancer early detection, diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, as well as in other diseases areas.

MBM is committed to "Bridging World Innovations in Precision Medicine". We are the first platform in China in precision medicine for transformation and commercialization of diagnostics and medical AI technologies. 

MBM introduces leading technologies and products which are clinically proven, with focus on oncology and cardiovascular.

MBM well supports technology transformation and re-development, which follows a clear market entry strategy, on our diversified technology platform. Supported by a solid marketing and sales team of senior experts of the industry, MBM successfully launches and promotes new products in China and rest of the worlds.

MBM owns a clinicial laboratory that fully compliant with CLIA and CAP standards.

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关于我们 关于我们 关于我们

    Bridging World Innovations in Precision Medicine More >

    Provide Proven Precise and Effective Clinical Solutions More >

    LDT, IVD, POCT and other more effective solutions in precision medicine for both clinics and patients. More >

Core Technologies and Products

AI & Digital Pathology

PWS/NWS Digital Nuclear Pathology | Digital Histopathology MORE>

Novel Liquid Biospy Technology

Novel and creative liquid bioispy technology for detection of gene mutation and early stage lung cancer MORE>